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Victorian surprise bag
Victorian surprise bag
Victorian surprise bag

Victorian surprise bag


each of these surprise bags holds 

1- one hand made Victorian lace doilie 

2- one Victorian mourning card 

3- one Victorian calling card. 

each of these is one of a kind. Some of big, some are dainty. All are beautiful. This is perfect for anyone wanting to own pieces of history. 

use your doilie as an elegant way to make any surface look. 
Victorian mourning cards were funeral announcements sent to all who were invited. 

and finally a calling card. Back in the day there were no message machines. So when someone came over to visit you, and you were not there- they would leave their calling card with their name on it so that you would know who came to visit. 

These small pieces are some of my favorite popular Victorian household items. 

These will be picked at random, and we won’t be taking requests. Photos shown are examples of these blind bags.