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Oddities Cloche Candle (Musk and Jasmine)
Oddities Cloche Candle (Musk and Jasmine)

Oddities Cloche Candle (Musk and Jasmine)

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Oddities Cloche Candle

This candle is perfect for any oddities lover. Designed for our friends Ryan and Regina Cohn of Oddities Flea Market, this candle is a must have. It’s scent is slightly different from our best selling perfume oil... but it’s just as beautiful.

This 12oz soy wax candle has a 50 hour burn time and comes in this dome cloche jar. The lid comes off and the bottom is a black glass candle jar. Once you’re done with this candle wash and reuse the jar for your own oddities collection.

Behold the Victorian Wunderkammer—literally, a “Cabinet of Wonder.” To some, it may look like a collection of mere oddities, with bones and laboratory specimens nestled betwixt flowers, portraits, and sculptures. But look deeper. These beloved spaces speak of adventures had and lives lived, even when death has silenced their owners' ability to remark on such things themselves.

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