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Halloween collection (candle, 2 perfumes, spray)
Halloween collection (candle, 2 perfumes, spray)

Halloween collection (candle, 2 perfumes, spray)

This is for the Halloween lovers dream. Here is a bundle of our Halloween collection.

These are limited edition

All Hallows' Eve (Perfume)
The wind blows and dead leaves skitter across the cold ground. While the smell of candy and the laughter of children provide temporary comfort, there is always something foreboding about this night. As the parade of costumes advances out of sight, one tries to ignore the sensation of being surrounded by a growing and intense stillness. Somewhere in the darkness, winter spreads its wings.

Dead Man's Party (Perfume)
Halloween: a day when spirits wander
Those places that the living squander
October parties filled with light
And laughs that last long into the night
Cannot stop the reaper's plan--
Death waits to unmask every man

October Shadows Spray
As you walk through the woods, a peculiar smell arrests your trek. Somewhere among the pines there wafts a fireside scent: the spices of baked treats, the smoke of kindling, and the flinty aroma of cooking iron. And yet, a troubling thought crosses the mind--while it is the spider's custom to ensnare with silken web, two-legged predators must often resort to more insidious measures to capture prey.

Jack o lantern candle
10oz soy wax pumpkin spice candle in a glass jack o lantern.

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