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Hand dipped 3 times: 15 sticks a bag. Burn time for one incense is approx 1 hour. Can reuse by putting it out and relighting it.  

THE LOVERS EYE - Nutmeg, Lemon and Red berries, Incense, Copal, Spices, Jasmine and Cinnamon, Amber, Sandalwood, Smoke and Vanilla 


No jewelry in the Victorian era was as rich with symbolism as The Lover's Eye. Some were sent to provide a symbolic part of the giver to their beloved. Other pieces were delivered as a sign that the recipient “had the eye” of a secret admirer. Yet others wore the pieces as a sign of loyalty and accountability, holding themselves to behave at all moments (and through all temptations) as though a distant love espied their every action. We invite you to gift or wear one of these alluring ornaments in the modern era to strengthen a bond between two souls, show that a new flame has your eye, or simply to create a new mystery of your own making.