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Vintage Perfume Bottle - 1900s- 1910 replica 2
Vintage Perfume Bottle - 1900s- 1910 replica 2

Vintage Perfume Bottle - 1900s- 1910 replica 2

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This is perfect for anyone looking to expand their vintage Vanity collection! 

This is a glass perfume bottle replica from the 1900s - 1910s. Its beautiful and heavy. It will come with the perfume separate for you to fill in the bottle. This holds approx 3ml of fragrance. I may have more of these available in the future.

This will come with our new scent- 

 La Femme Fantôme 

A most Feminine & Elegant floral scent

The warmth of her body is a distant memory. And yet, the breeze seems to carry a trace of her essence in the springtime. When the light reflects off the facets of a glass bottle, he is reminded of how her jewelry glittered at the ball, as if signaling him alone. And at times, he swears he sees her smile from the corner of his eye, only to turn to find himself alone. Is it delightful or maddening to sense her everywhere? He knows only this: nothing is more haunting than true beauty.

This is my ode to my favorite vintage scent, Chanel number 5. I had to make my own version with Seances spin on a classic scent I use to love to wear. This will now be my signature scent: will it be yours?

Notes of : neroli, ylang-ylang, iris, jasmine, orris root, rose, lily of the valley, vetiver, oakmoss, civetta, Apple, red current, tulip, freesia, heliotrope, white rose, and a touch of amber and musk.