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Absinthe -  incense
Absinthe -  incense
Absinthe -  incense

Absinthe -  incense

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Artisan Double dipped charcoal incense for a clean and strong burn. Burn time, approx 1.5-2 hours, depending on weather etc. Always open windows when burning incense with children or pets in the house, or if you have sensitivity. 


One can drink the spirit as is, bitter and bracing. Of course, the preferred way is to combine the Absinthe with a sugar cube, diluted by the cool stream of an elaborately decorated water fountain. In this, and in seemingly all things, a little ritual makes life more palatable.

Featured notes:  Anise, sugar, juniper, spices, citruses, wormwood, black current, herbs  

(fun fact, we used vintage absinthe in each batch ) 

Absinthe is rich with history. From the tales of famous authors drinking it… to the historical fame and it’s stories. 

To enjoy the spirit is to appreciate a method of preparation that spans centuries. First, Absinthe is poured. Then, a golden, slotted spoon spans the glass. A cube of sugar is laid atop the spoon. Cool, still water is poured over the cube, drop by drop, changing the liquid below. Indeed, we too are transformed for the better, and in so similar a manner: slowly, methodically, and often through the acts of simple ritual.

This scent wouldn’t be possible without the help of the one and only Adrienne Levy, and Jade Liquors. Some of the best connoisseurs. 


20 double dipped charcoal incense.


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