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Our Darling Heart (silver)
Our Darling Heart (silver)
Our Darling Heart (silver)

Our Darling Heart (silver)

The Our Darling line is our ode to the Victorian Mourning traditions. Folk lore has it that along with wearing black for extended periods of time, making brooches, art and elaborate wreaths out of human hair- they also wept into glass vials called Tear Catchers. Also called “lachrymatory bottles,” tear catchers were thought to be a measure of ones grieving time. It is said, once the tears cried into them had evaporated, the mourning period was over. However morbidly romantic this notion was, it was simply untrue.
As much as we love that theory… the actual truth is much more fitting to our line (even more so than the Tear Catcher story) it is believed that these lachrymatory bottles were nothing more than perfume bottles.
And so we have created our version of the Tear Catchers… tiny perfume bottles that can be worn around your neck, reminiscent of this haunting fable.

Choose one of our perfume scents to fill your vial.
4ml bottle with screw top lid.
This vial comes adorned on a silver chain that hangs 30 inches long.
Packaged in a black Our Darling jewelry box.

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