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Perfume Mourning Locket (circle)
Perfume Mourning Locket (circle)

Perfume Mourning Locket (circle)

This beautiful vintage style locket is inspired by the traditional Victorian Mourning jewelry. 
Inside this locket is a solid perfume of our beautiful scent, Memento Mori. 
Nag Champa (incense) and Rose. 

A little about Mourning Jewelry- For hundreds of years, people wore mourning jewelry to commemorate their dead loved ones. People started making memorial jewelry because there was no photography, and if your loved one died you wanted something as a touchstone to remember them every day. Later photographs came along, and this started the tradition of death photography. However before photography, this was the main way that people remembered their departed loved ones. These items weren't limited to women, either; men could have memorial cufflinks or pocket watch fobs with parts of the deceased person's hair braided in. Later this transitioned to lockets or jewelry with loved ones photos in them. 

We have created our version of another Victorian tradition we love. 
Our necklace is adorned on a traditional rosary style necklace that hangs a little less than 30 inches long. Silver chain with silver locket. 
Once you have used all the perfume, wipe clean with a little soapy water and use this locket for anything! Place a picture of your own loved one or carry anything special next to your heart. 

These are hand made in small batches. Since we use cruelty free wax, always be careful in extreme heats- as it will melt the wax. 

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, fragrance oil, essential oil. 

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