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Natural History perfume
Natural History perfume
Natural History perfume
Natural History perfume
Natural History perfume
Natural History perfume
Natural History perfume

Natural History perfume

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Natural History was one of the first scents I made. 
I made it in the first perfume line I started. When I decided to start fresh and begin Seance… of course I brought this formula to flourish. 
I always wanted to smell like old antique books… and could  never find anything like it- no candles and definitely no perfumes. 

Most perfumes hinted at old books, usually using vanilla and leather to trick the senses. And for the longest time my original formula was amazing- but never perfect. 

One of the key components of my Original formula was discontinued. This is what caused Natural History to be discontinued for a long while. I tried other fragrances, I mixed odd concoctions. But something was always missing. 

Like out of a movie I would grab the oldest books I owned and huff them, and then smell the perfume. Something was missing . So I do what I do with any creative process… I let my intuition take the lead. 
I stop THINKING and start feeling. I have dreams about smells I can add into a batch to mimic things I smell in life- like books. 

My gut pulled through for me- and one day I snapped awake.. and I knew what was missing. 


I now introduce to you Natural History.

This perfume is not a suggestion of old books. This is not a scent with a gentle nod to old libraries… this is that smell in a bottle.

IF you are not like myself and fellow weirdos and want less of an avant-garde scent, this perfume oil would be beautifully layered with some of our other scents. 

For a sweeter take on old books, you can add some Boudior for sweetness. You can layer with Laveau for a tiny bit of sweetness and more depth. 
You can layer with so many of our oils to create what’s perfect for you… but if you’re looking for the smell of old books, look no further. 

Natural History

Open this vial and savor the knowledge of generations long forgotten. Aromas of leather and black tea are entwined together to evoke a library of bound atlases and almanacs, their aging pages ready to enchant a new generation with stories of far away lands and mythical creatures. What was old becomes new again.

Featured notes: Old Books 



(special thanks to Alfred Lalwer for the design on this label!)

10 ML glass bottles with stainless steel rollers. 

Ingredients: coconut oil, fragrance oil, essential oil. 

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