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Oddities Embalming Oil- (lotion oil)
Oddities Embalming Oil- (lotion oil)
Oddities Embalming Oil- (lotion oil)
Oddities Embalming Oil- (lotion oil)

Oddities Embalming Oil- (lotion oil)

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Our Embalming Oil is a concentrated lotion oil for body and hair. Made with top quality ingredients. Unlike traditional lotions this product contains only the essentials for your skin-  free of parabens, palm oils and harsh chemicals. Use this lotion to hydrate skin. It will absorb into your skin fully within 10 minutes, leaving you feeling silky soft- preserving your mortal beauty. 

This scent comes with the option of glitter or no glitter.

(our glitter is an eco friendly, biodegradable silver/rainbow glitter. Body safe, planet safe. ) 


Behold the Victorian Wunderkammer—literally, a “Cabinet of Wonder.” To some, it may look like a collection of mere oddities, with bones and laboratory specimens nestled betwixt flowers, portraits, and sculptures. But look deeper. These beloved spaces speak of adventures had and lives lived, even when death has silenced their owners' ability to remark on such things themselves.

(Inspired by our friends Ryan and Regina Cohn of Oddities Flea Market.

Featured notes: white amber, jasmine and musk

Shake Before using. For Body and Hair (not recommended on face), for external use only. Always do a test patch before using a new product.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Essential or Fragrance Oils.

4oz glass bottle with dropper  

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