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Tear Catcher Necklace
Tear Catcher Necklace
Tear Catcher Necklace
Tear Catcher Necklace

Tear Catcher Necklace

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This very special necklace is based on the folk lore of the Victorian Tear catcher. 
comes on a 26 inch gold chain in its own box . 

Holds a very very small amount of perfume  perfect for a couple touch up’s on a night or day out. Comes with a little pipette you can fill your vial with- and with this you get to pick any 2 samples of your choice ( to be able to fill!). 
please leave what samples you want in with your necklace! 

Clear Crystal quartz pendant, approx 2 inches long. 
Good for positive energy, or amplified intuition and more. 


Folk lore has it that along with wearing black for extended periods of time, making brooches, art and elaborate wreaths out of human hair- they also wept into glass vials called Tear Catchers. Also called “lachrymatory bottles,” tear catchers were thought to be a measure of ones grieving time. It is said, once the tears cried into them had evaporated, the mourning period was over. However morbidly romantic this notion was, it was simply untrue. As much as we love that theory… the actual truth is much more fitting to our line (even more so than the Tear Catcher story) it is believed that these lachrymatory bottles were nothing more than perfume bottles! 



“Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s books each day. … The one who puts the finishing touches on their life each day is never short of time.” 


It is reminders like this one that we desperately need in our own lives—a thought or an idea that we’d rather ignore, do everything to avoid and pretend is not true. Most often, our ego runs away from anything that reminds us of the reality that sits at odds with the comfortable narrative we have build for ourselves. Or, we are simply petrified to look at life’s facts as they are. And there is one simple fact that most of us are utterly scared to meditate, reflect on and face head on: We are going to die. Everyone around us is going to die.

Such reminders and exercises take part of Memento Mori—the ancient practice of reflection on mortality. 


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