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The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack

The Inviting- small sample pack

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PLEASE NOTE BEFORE ORDERING: when you check out, be sure your sample choices are there.

Can’t decide? Then this sample pack is the perfect option to try a variety of scents.


Perfume Cheat Sheet

Parlor Ghost- Black tea, bergamot, lavender

The Sad Hour- figs, ferns, salt and lily 

Natural History- Old books, an old library (exactly)

Boudoir- Grapefruit, vanilla, lace

Crowley- Nag Champa incense

Laveau- Sandalwood, bourbon

Opium Den- Frankincense & Myrrh, orange blossom, patchouli, cedar, cream, coffee

Dearly Departed- Fresh Florals, dirt, grass, rose 

Man of Letters- Scotch, mahogany, smoke, Leather 

The Undertaking- oak, moss, ivy, earth, smoke, incense, plum 

Porcelain- vanilla, walnut, jasmine, dianthus, rose, rosewood, powder 

Cemetery- dragons blood, grass, vanilla, patchouli

Oddities- white amber, jasmine, musk

Memento Mori- nag Champa and rose 

Absinthe- anise, sugar, juniper, spices, citrus, wormwood, black currant, spices  

Procession- gasoline, funeral flowers, leather, dirt, rocks 

Canopic- authentic egyptian musk 

Antonette- lemon, freesia, violets, fresh leaves 

La femme Fantôme- Chanel number 5 meets a fruity blend

The Sad Hour- fresh figs, fern, moss, salty tears, lily 

Please choose 3 scents from the drop downs - if you don't choose your scents, we will choose for you. Holiday scents are the only scents we accept if you write them in the notes, and they are in season .

1.5 ml bottles

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ingredients: coconut oil, fragrance oil, essential oil