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The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack
The Inviting- small sample pack

The Inviting- small sample pack

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Can’t decide? Then this sample pack is the perfect option to try a variety of scents.


Perfume oils:

Parlor Ghost- Black tea, bergamot, lavender

Witching Hour- Smoky chocolate, cedar wood, saffron, sandalwood

Natural History- Old books, black tea, amber, leather

Boudoir- Grapefruit, vanilla, lace

Crowley- Nag Champa incense

Laveau- Sandalwood, bourbon

The Medium- White florals, creamy coconut, peach, leather

Opium Den- Frankincense & Myrrh, orange blossom, patchouli, cedar, cream, coffee

Dearly Departed- Fresh Florals, dirt, grass, rose, coffin satin 

Man of Letters- Scotch, mahogany, smoke, Leather

The Undertaking- Oak, moss, ivy, earth, smoke, incense, plum

Cemetery- Dragons blood, grass, vanilla, patchouli

Oddities- White amber, jasmine, musk

Memento Mori- Nag Champa and rose

La Femme Fantôme- Neroli, ylang-ylang, iris, jasmine, orris root, rose, lily of the valley, vetiver, oakmoss, civetta, Apple, red current, tulip, freesia, heliotrope, white rose, and a touch of amber and musk. 

Antionette- Lemon, freesia, violet, crushed leaves 

Absinthe- Anise, sugar, juniper, spices, citruses, wormwood, black current, herbs  

Canopic- Egyptian Musk

Please choose 3 scents from the drop downs - if you don't choose your scents, we will choose for you. Please ONLY choose from the scents that are listed in the drop downs. If they are not listed, they are not available in sample form. Thank you!

1.5 ml bottles

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ingredients: coconut oil, fragrance oil, essential oil